Welcome to the 2022 Physics STE(A)M Challenge!

For National Science Week 2022, STEM Youth Councils from right across Australia are thrilled to bring you the Scouts Physics STE(A)M Challenge, and the SciScouts Physics of Waves Resources!

Built by Scouts for Scouts, welcome to the Physics of Waves! Join us as we explore our wonderful world through the lens of physics, in celebration of National Science Week 2022. STEM and Innovation forms an important of our program, and we are thrilled to have STEM Youth Councils across Australia passionate about bringing STEM into our Units. After much hard work we are pleased to present the latest project of our STEM Youth Councils, the Scouts Physics STE(A)M Challenge and SciScouts Physics of Waves.

The Scouts Physics STE(A)M Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for youth members to delve deeper in the Physics of Waves, by creating their own STEM project. With prizes up for grabs, Scouts can explore what makes them passionate about physics, and potentially earn a STEM and Innovation Special Interest Area (SIA) along the way!

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SciScouts Physics of Waves is an exciting collection of program resources designed to help you bring STEM into your Unit. With activities for Joeys, all the way to Rovers, we have something for everyone. Explore our collection of resources and build STEM into your Units' program.

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We can't wait to see how you explore the Physics of Waves!

The SciScouts Physics of Waves is a National Science Week project, undertaken in collaboration with Fizzics Education. These instructions were prepared by Scouts for Scouts. This National Science Week project is supported by the Australian Government.

Scouting has always been strong on STEM skills. Maths to calculate catering quantities and navigate, the science of water purification, the physics of abseiling, and the engineering of pioneering structures - they all have their place. In the current program for our youth members, STEM and Innovation forms one of six Special Interest Areas that enable Scouts to set goals and pursue their own ideas.