From Joeys to Rovers, we have Program Resources you can integrate into your STEM program and use as starting points for your Physics STE(A)M Challenge entry!

STEM Youth Councils and STEM Leaders from across Australia have been working hard to create a series of youth-led, adult supported STEM activities focussed on the Physics of Waves. Our activities cover everything from sound waves to gravity waves and are a fantastic way to incorporate STEM into your Unit's program. We hope you find our activities stimulating, supportive and effective at getting your Scouts into Physics. Join Scouts across Australia as we celebrate National Science Week 2022 and explore the Physics of Waves in our program.

You can check out at our program resources below. Build a night by selecting some activities that interest you and your Unit. With everything from programming information to step-by-step Plan>Do>Review> instructions, our program resources contain everything you need to bring physics into your Unit, no STEM experience needed!

As you explore our program for National Science Week 2022, we'd love to see how you engage with the Physics of Waves. We're always interested in seeing your Unit's photos and videos. If you're sharing pictures on social media remember to use the hashtags: #StemScoutsAU #ScienceWeek #ScoutsAustralia

If you have any questions, please reach out to the SciScouts Physics of Waves Program Resources team.

Be sure to check back again soon as more resources become available.

Activity Sections Resources
Electromagnetic Waves
Melting Microwaves JoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
RC Toys JoeysCubsScouts Challenge Card
Water and Hydro-Energy
Water Wheels JoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
Ocean in a Bottle JoeysCubsScouts Challenge Card
Mechanical and Physical Waves
Balloon Hovercrafts JoeysCubsScouts Challenge Card
Make a Seismograph CubsScouts Challenge Card
Projectile Motion JoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
Astrophysics and Gravity Waves
Marble Clock JoeysCubs Challenge Card
Newton's Cradle ScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
Pendulums JoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
Sound Waves - Magic of Music
Make a Guitar JoeysCubsScouts Challenge Card
Make an Idiophone ScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
Seeing Soundwaves JoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
Make Glass Bottles Sing JoeysCubsScouts Challenge Card
Make Glasses Sing ScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
Sound Waves - How Do We Hear?
String Telephones JoeysCubs Challenge Card
Build an Ear JoeysCubsScoutsVenturers Challenge Card
Ear Trumpets JoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
Rinne's and Weber's Test VenturersRovers Challenge Card
Light Waves and Refraction
Shadowlands JoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
Slim Shady Sunnies ScoutsVenturersRovers Challenge Card
I Spy With My Little Eye CubsScouts Challenge Card
Milk Bottle Lamp Joeys Cubs Scouts Venturers Rovers Challenge Card
Cool Camp Shirts JoeysCubsScouts Challenge Card